See where a piece of data has travelled from and to. Identify how widely a technology has been spreading. Search for a person's documents, photos, and other data. All from the same tool.

Welcome to the future of OSINT. enables everyone from information security professionals, to lawyers, to investigators, to Wall Street analysts to identify critical data near-realtime. Weeks to months of traditional data discovery and research are now replaced with a keystroke.

Control Your Data...
Before Someone Else Does

Whether it be health records, financial data, or just your own personal information, allows everyone to perform extensive searches to identify data that can be attributed to you. Then you can decide how, or if, you want that data to be disseminated.

Today's Data Loss Prevention technology is woefully inadequate to prevent information leakage. With, near realtime detection of information leakage that can be leveraged against your organization is now available for a fraction of the price of traditional DLP tools.

Pricing Plans

No matter the size of your organization, is priced right for you.

Ad Hoc / Single User

For low volume searches or small business, per search credits will give you access to our portal at an extremely affordable rate. And don't worry; purchased credits never expire.

SMB / Multi-Seat Licensing

Need multiple users, or large scale data queries? Our SMB licensing can provide up to access to groups of users, impose usage caps, and give you detailed billing to help you identify your best ROI.

Enterprise / API Access

For large scale enterprises, or those looking to commercialize our feed, API access gives you a dedicated feed to our backend database.

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